Happy Clients


Adrienne has made my transition to living a balanced life seamless! Her wealth of knowledge has made finding answers to my health concerns really easy and has helped me better understand the cause and effects behind what I’ve been feeling and how this feeds off of other areas of my life. My primary concern was with menstrual pain and inflammation. Adrienne helped me identify various stressors that were hindering my digestion and hormone balance, and provided guidance through the process of choosing supplements to best support me, and food elimination to make sure I was continuing to eat a balanced diet while staying away from foods that triggered sensitivities. I highly recommend her as an advisor and go-to for any health journey and cannot wait to include her in my pre and post natal health journey over the next few years.

— Zadia Larouche-Muller


Adrienne was there after the birth of my first baby, he was a tough little guy to say the least! she was helpful & calm and honestly it was just a huge relief to have her there when I was home alone with a newborn


The times Adrienne spent at our house were like mini-vacations for me (while my partner was at work). In addition to taking our little guy into her care and introducing me to new tips and tricks, she helped with odd jobs around the house, she managed nap times and bottle feeds and soothing sessions and walks... the list goes on. It meant that I got to take a little bit of time for myself, to sleep or to exercise or to tidy or to cook - anything I wanted to do, which at 3 months postpartum was so unbelievably helpful and valuable and RARE... A real treat!

We HIGHLY recommend Adrienne to anyone with a new little bundle of joy and we’re more than happy to provide a reference! Those first few months can be incredibly tough and this was one investment that made everyone’s lives noticeably better...well worth it!”


Adrienne was the perfect doula because her approach is holistic and spiritual...she was a natural with my baby and he absolutely adored her. I was having challenges with the postpartum period of adjustment and Adrienne helped me to sort them out in her very non-judgemental and gentle manner. Her help and support was invaluable to me and allowed me to rest, take much needed breaks and get back on my feet well rested and rejuvenated. She is a magical must-have doula!

— Sapphira Charles

I was having digestive and sleep issues earlier this year and had the pleasure of working with Adrienne to work out a plan. She did a thorough assessment and came up with many suggestions and advice to both understand and improve my condition. My symptoms cleared up within DAYS of following my wellness plan. She is very knowledgeable and great to work with. She’s easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable no matter what. I look forward to working with her in the future.

— Cynthia Martin


This was such an awesome class (Toronto Yoga Mamas group class) and Adrienne was fantastic! Such a welcoming way to wrap your head around the whole "crap - we are going to be parents!" thing :)


"My husband and I really enjoyed our Toronto Yoga Mamas Childbirth Education session with Adrienne. We felt that because the class size was small enough (only 6 couples) we were able to really get to know the other parents-to-be in our class. Having that sense of connection with the other couples really helps when discussing your thoughts and emotions, and you don't feel afraid to ask questions. We also felt that the content that Adrienne covered was extensive and really encouraged each of the couples to explore and navigate their own journey through pregnancy and prepare for birth. Adrienne was great at teaching us to advocate for our own choices as parents. "



Adrienne knows what she's talking about! Her nutrition and wellness advice truly changed my life without totally overwhelming me in the process. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to improve their health. Thank you!